ECE 5510: Application Assignments

As shown in the figure at right, two wireless nodes measure received signal strength at the two ends of the same wireless link. These fading signals can be used to generate a common secret key, shared by each node, without ever communicating that secret key over the wireless link. In this project, you will design the system which converts the received signal strength measurements into a secret bit key. By understanding the characteristics of the random process, you can generate a key which has these important properties:

  • the secret bit key is very likely to agree at both nodes;
  • bits in the secret key are uncorrelated with each other, which makes it difficult to break;
  • low latency: the time required to generate a long (for example 256 bits in length) secret key is as short as possible;

These are the goals of the design and analysis you will perform in the six application assignments.


Introduction to Secret Key Generation and the Application Assignments

Team Data Files

You will evaluate secret key generation using the bi-directional link RSS measurements you and your team made in class during the first lecture. These files are listed below. Please download them and save them to your local disk. Instructions on loading the file into Matlab are given in the first application assignment description.

Application Assignments

The application assignments are individual assignments. Please use the same collaboration policy for them as for the homework assignments, in short, you may collaborate, but all work you turn in must be your own.

Assignment Topic Due Date
1 Marginal Distribution and Moments Tue. Sept. 15
2 Conditional Distribution and Probabilities Tue. Sept. 22Thu. Sept. 24
3 Joint Distribution and Correlation Tue. Oct. 20
4 Transformation of Random Vectors for Decorrelation Tue. Nov. 3
5 Autocorrelation and Autocovariance Tue. Nov. 17 Tue. Nov 24
6 Power Spectrum and Filtering Tue. Dec. 8