ECE 5520

The Spring 2012 course, ECE 5520 (Digital Communications) has most of its information posted on Canvas. Students can access the 5520 Canvas site via login to

This page also provides a link to some of the information from ECE 5520, Digital Communications, taught by Prof. Neal Patwari, from the Spring 2009 version of this course.



The textbook was Michael Rice, Digital Communications: A Discrete-time Approach, 2008, ISBN-10: 0130304972; ISBN-13: 9780130304971; Publisher: Prentice Hall, 778 pages.

Lecture Notes

My Spring 2009 lecture notes for ECE 5520 are available as a pdf. These are unedited notes -- so beware that typos probably exist. I encourage you to send me corrections via email, I will be happy to correct any problem for the next "edition". Note that my notes for the Spring 2012 version of the course will be different, as I edit and adapt the course notes for how I want to teach the course in a new semester.


The Spring 2009 course included a semester design project on the design and use of discrete-time receivers, adapted from Prof. Michael Rice.