2011-12 UofU / Argon ST Clinic Final Presentation

Argon ST UofU Clinic Team 2011-12 image

The 2011-12 UofU / Argon ST Clinic Team has their final presentation Tuesday, April 10 starting at 12:05pm, in the Officer's Club at the University of Utah. This team will present their talk titled "Low-cost high-precision absolute orientation sensor", describing their work on technologies that will enable future low cost inertial navigation systems to be highly accurate even when GPS is unavailable. The team developed a demonstration orientation sensor that combines information from accelerometers, gyroscopes, and magnetometers, in order to produce an accurate estimate of absolute orientation (what direction the device is facing compared to true North). The team is a cross-disciplinary team of senior ECE and ME students, Mino Morgese (ECE), John Greenhall (ME), Steven Kesler (ME), and Ted Thompson (ECE). Prof. Neal Patwari advises the team, which is funded with support from Argon ST, a unit of Boeing. The University of Utah Engineering "Clinic" Program allows senior engineering students to team up and use their engineering skills to work on projects of strong interest to an industry sponsor.