Dissertation fixes for the Thesis Office LaTeX template

The Thesis Office offers a LaTeX template for dissertations (https://gradschool.utah.edu/thesis/thesis-templates/). Here are some of the changes I had to make in LaTeX to fix my dissertation (modifications are grouped by file):
%%%%% dissertation.tex %%%%%
% Make sure citations are listed in order and hyphenates consecutive
% citation numbers (i.e. [4]-[10])
% You may need to add \EMX to equations to get the spacing right with
% the surrouning text. The thesis editor will complain if it needs it
% but I decided to apply it to all my equations.
% \EMX is already defined in uuthesis.cls
% \begin{equation}\EMX \label{...}
% ...
% \end{equation}
%%%%% uuthesis.cls %%%%%%
% Add this to uuthesis.cls to fix citations from [5-10] to [5]-[10]
% for IEEE citation stlye
    {\@citea\def\@citea{], [}%
     \@ifundefined{b@\@citeb}{\mbox{\reset@font\bfseries ?}%
         {Citation `\@citeb' on page \thepage \space undefined}}%
       {\hbox{\csname b@\@citeb\endcsname}}}}{#1}}
\def\citepunct{], [}
% Find and change the corresponding fptop, fpsep, and fpbot values so
% figures aren't spaced so far apart if they're on their own pages and
% there are multiple figures per page.
% These are my best guess for "triple space" between figures. It got
% by the thesis editor.
\@fptop 0pt plus 1fil
\@fpsep 33pt plus 0fil
\@fpbot 0pt plus 1fil
%%%%%% dissertation.bbl (generated from dissertation.bib) %%%%%%
% By default all lines in the bibliography a fully justified, that is
% they are flush on both the left and right margins. If there isn't
% much text on a line, full justify will space words too much. Here
% are some ways to prevent that for just one bib entry.
% Full justify all lines
% Left justify all lines
% Full justify lines except the URL
% Nothing
% Nothing
%%%%% Other notes %%%%%
% Check the .blg and .log files for warnings and errors. Try to fix
% anything it lists.
% The bibliography will be very closely checked. I'd just let the
% thesis editor do the work for you to find the errors.
% Be consistent with the use of Figure vs. Fig., capitalization, etc.