Radio Tomography Demonstrated at Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) Week

Joey Wilson and Prof. Neal Patwari demonstrated "Real-time Tag-free Localization using Radio Tomography" at CPS Week 2009 in San Francisco, CA, on April 13, 2009. CPS Week is a forum which brings together researchers in three areas of CPS -- real-time embedded systems, sensor networks, and hybrid systems. The demo and poster session was packed with people and many visitors were able to participate in the radio tomographic imaging (RTI) demo. As many as eight people at a time stood or moved in the RTI area (a square area surrounded by radios) and a laptop showed an image of where in the square they were located.

Visitors to RTI demo at CPS Week 2009 Visitor to RTI demo and RTI estimate at CPS Week 2009
Figure: Visitors interact with the radio tomographic imaging demonstration system. The real-time demo shows an estimate on the laptop of where in the square area attenuating objects, including people, are located.