Paper on bit extraction accepted to IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing

A new journal paper on bit extraction for secret key establishment has received final approval for publication in the IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing. The paper is titled "High Rate Uncorrelated Bit Extraction for Shared Secret Key Generation from Channel Measurements" and is authored by Neal Patwari, Jessica Croft, Suman Jana, and Sneha K. Kasera. Neal Patwari and Jessica Croft are in the SPAN Lab, and Suman Jana and Sneha Kasera are in the School of Computing, at the University of Utah.

Secret key establishment from radio channel measurements is a promising alternative to public key cryptography. This paper shows methods to reliably generate secret key bits at a high rate without incurring temporal correlations between bits. Methods include interpolation filtering, de-correlation, and adaptive quantization. As high as 22 bits per second can be extracted from a radio fading signal, at a 2.2% probability of bit disagreement at opposite ends of the link.