Automatic Bibliographies Aren't Automatic

Automatic download of bibliographic information is a great tool for keeping track of what you've downloaded, read and reviewed, and learned from published research. My favorites are Zotero and Google Scholar's Bibliography Manager, which (if you change your Scholar Preferences) shows you the BibTex for an article. However, at this stage, I have this warning: it is not yet automatic. That is, don't just take the BibTex entry as supplied. I notice lots of errors and typos, and they make a reference list look unprofessional. People can tell when they read a paper with bib file that was generated automatically and never reviewed.

For example, Google Scholar has chosen a seemingly random set of words in conference titles to be left lowercase, for example, leaving a conference proceedings titled "Proceedings of the 2nd international conference on Multi-hop, ad Hoc, and mesh Networks". Fix this so that all words are first letter capitalized except for a few common short words (e.g., "a", "on", "and", "of", "the"). Second, these managers don't seem to know that just because the paper appears in Citeseer, that its publisher isn't Citeseer. Or that an ACM conference was probably not located in New York, NY, even though the ACM is headquartered in NYC. Delete any publisher information from a conference proceedings paper, except for when the publisher is part of the name (e.g., "Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Blah Blah Blah"). Next, capitalization in titles should be consistent -- the first word in the title capitalized, but no other title words capitalized (except for proper nouns, and acronyms). You may need to put extra curly brackets around each proper noun or acronym to keep the capitalization like you have written in the title field. And you may need to fix the rest of the capitalization in the title field.

Maybe this is just my pet peeve, but I wouldn't bet on it. Look at and fix all BibTex entries as you add them, until the day comes when bibliographic managers have better data.