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Sensing and Processing Across Networks (SPAN) Home

The SPAN lab has a new web site. Please update your bookmarks. This site will remain available, but new information will be posted to the new site.

Welcome to the Sensing and Processing Across Networks (SPAN) wiki! The SPAN lab is part of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Utah.

NEWS: Congratulations to Joey Wilson, who on Wed. September 17 won the MobiCom 2008 Student Research Demo Competition!


The SPAN lab is developing inventions for wireless networks which improve their security, reliability, self-awareness, and sensing capabilities. Research applies statistical signal processing, networking, and radio propagation techniques. The innovations have application in localization and tracking, secret key generation for wireless networks, network design and deployment, modeling and analysis. Several current projects are ongoing in the lab. The lab, directed by Neal Patwari, is a combination of the efforts of several graduate and undergraduate researchers.



Graduate Students

Undergraduate Students

Be part of rapid innovation and game-changing new technologies! Apply to our graduate programs. (COE Info) (ECE Info)

This page is collaboratively maintained as a PmWiki by members of the SPAN lab.

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