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Network Shadowing (NeSh) Model

This page describes publicly available Matlab code for calculating correlations between shadowing on links in a multi-hop wireless network, in the channel model we call the Network Shadowing (NeSh) model. Please see [1] for a detailed description of the model. This page describes both the files which contain the model and the application of the model for connectivity analysis.

All Matlab files can be downloaded from :

covTwoLinksShadowing_v3.m : The output of this function is the covariance of random shadow fading on two arbitrary links. The inputs are the four coordinates of the endpoints of the two links. A detailed description of the model is given in [1]. The script also gives the correlation coefficient of the shadow fading on two links considered.

covAllLinks.m: A function to calculate the covariance matrix of shadowing on all the link pairs in a network. It calls the function 'covTwoLinksShadowing_v3.m' once for each possible link pair.

simCorrShadowing.m: Simulation script which simulates connectivity in a network when shadowing is determined by the NeSh model. The simulation plots the connectivity of the network as a function of sensing range for the case of correlated shadowing between links. The script also simulates the connectivity in i.i.d. shadowing between links as a comparison. The script can run with either uniform random deployments of networks or grid networks. A description and a summary of the results are given in [2]. The effects of correlated shadowing on link pairs are also emphasized based on the simulation.


  1. P. Agrawal and N. Patwari, Correlated Link Shadow Fading in Multi-hop Wireless Networks, IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications (submitted Nov. 2007).
  2. N. Patwari and P. Agrawal, "NeSh: A joint shadowing model for links in a multi-hop network," submitted to IEEE ICASSP'08.

Please contact the authors for further information.

  • Neal Patwari :
  • Piyush Agrawal:
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