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Sept 17, 2008 Congratulations to SPAN student Joey Wilson, who on Wed. September 17 won the MobiCom 2008 Student Research Demo Competition!
Fall, 2008 Professors Neal Patwari and Sneha Kasera have been awarded an NSF CyberTrust grant to advance research and education in "Opportunistic Secret Key Exchange Using Wireless Link Characteristics and Device Mobility". The grant provides $350,000 over three years to support the goals of the project.
Nov 6, 2008 SPAN lab researchers presented the talk "Gain from Multipath" at the 2008 IDTechEx Active RFID, RTLS & Sensor Networks Conference, in Dallas, TX.
Oct 26-30, 2008 SPAN lab undegraduate researcher Arash Farhang presented his paper, "Cognitive Geolocation: Learning Location by Listening to the Radio" at the SDR Forum 2008 Technical Conference, in Washington, DC.
Sept 17, 2008 Junxing Zhang, Hamed Firooz, Neal Patwari, and Sneha Kasera presented the paper, "Advancing Wireless Link Signatures for Location Distinction" at the 2008 ACM Mobile Computing and Networking Conference (MobiCom'08), a highly selective conference which had a 12% acceptance rate.
Spring, 2008 Professor Neal Patwari has been awarded a Faculty Early Career Development Award from the National Science Foundation (NSF) for his project called "Career: RF-Sensing Networks for Radio Tomographic Environmental Imaging". The NSF Career Award is NSFs most prestigious and competitive award for young faculty members in science and engineering.
April 22-24, 2008 Authors Neal Patwari and Piyush Agrawal presented Effects of Correlated Shadowing: Connectivity, Localization, and RF Tomography at the IEEE/ACM International Conference on Information Processing in Sensor Networks (IPSN), in St. Louis, Missouri. Joey Wilson received an IPSN travel grant award.
April 3, 2008 SPAN undergraduate researchers Jim Gaines and Arash Farhang presented at the University of Utah Undergraduate Research Symposium on April 3, 2008. The two research presentations were from Jim Gaines on "Entropic Analysis of Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radio," and from Arash Farhang on "Cognitive Geolocation". See the Archives page for their presentation slides.
April 1, 2008 The paper, NeSh: A joint shadowing model for links in a multi-hop network, by Neal Patwari and Piyush Agrawal, was presented at IEEE ICASSP 2008, in Las Vegas, NV, in Poster Session SPCOM-P2: Channel Modeling and Estimation.
January 13-16, 2007 Prof. Neal Patwari and Jessica Croft participated in the tutorials and opening workshop of the SAMSI 2008 Program on Environmental Sensor Networks, in Research Triangle Park, NC.
December 4, 2007 Prof. Neal Patwari presents at the IDTechEx Active RFID and RTLS Summit 2007, presenting in the "Masterclass 2" forum on "Radio Sensor Networks".
September 28, 2007 Prof. Gregory D. Durgin (Georgia Tech) visits the U. of Utah to present the Thomas and Mary Lu Judd Distinguished Lecture on A Better Way to Find a Cellular Phone That Dials 911.
September 10, 2007 CRAWDAD (A Community Resource for Archiving Wireless Data At Dartmouth) mirrors the Measured CIR Data Set, a public archive hosted by SPAN of over 9300 measured channel impulse responses.
August, 2007 The U. of U. ECE -- L-3 Communications Systems West Clinic team launches its research in Angle-of-Arrival Ad Hoc Localization.
July, 2007 Profs. Neal Patwari and Sneha Kasera have been awarded a Technology Commercialization Program Grant from the University of Utah Research Foundation and the Technology Commercialization Office. The technology, Temporal link signatures for location distinction, has also been accepted to the 2007 ACM Mobile Computing and Networking Conference (MobiCom), which is one of the top conferences in the field, with an 11% acceptance rate. The paper will be presented in Montreal, Quebec, on September 12.
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