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CS 7943 / ECE 7960-002: Advanced Wireless Networking

Organizers: Prof. Sneha Kumar Kasera (SoC) and Prof. Neal Patwari (ECE)

Time and Location: This seminar will meet every Friday from 1:00 - 2:00 PM in MEB 3147.


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Seminar Description: The past decade has seen a tremendous growth of wireless networked systems. The demand for ubiquitous services and the miniaturization of devices will continue to fuel this growth. New research advancements, open challenges, and new directions often come from cross-disciplinary understanding. This seminar will involve reading and discussing recent papers on a variety of important and developing wireless physical layer and networking research topics, including MIMO, OFDM, multi-hop networks, software radio, MAC and routing protocols, and security, from a mix of CS and ECE perspectives. The goal is to develop a thorough understanding of recent and relevant research papers in the area of wireless networking, and to uncover new and interesting cross-disciplinary research directions.

Requirements: Those taking the course for credit (one credit) will be required to read each paper, write and submit a short summary about the discussed papers, and lead the discussion for a small number of papers. The exact number of presentations will be decided based on the class size.

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