Joey Wilson

Joey Wilson pictureWelcome to my SPAN page. I am a PhD alumnus of the SPAN lab where I worked on an emerging technology called "Radio Tomographic Imaging," or RTI for short. RTI is a method for locating and tracking moving objects in areas surrounded by simple and inexpensive radios. It's is useful in emergencies, rescue operations, retail customer tracking, and security breaches, because the objects being tracked need not carry an electronic device.

I am now the founder and president of Xandem Technology in Salt Lake City. Xandem is a high-tech company currently focused on commercializing the research I have been doing at Utah. We are developing technologies for device-free localization (DFL) that are partly based on RTI. Historically, DFL technologies (like Radar) have been available only to organizations with extremely large budgets, and Xandem is attempting to make this kind of tracking commercially available and affordable for many new applications.

I've also done some research in the area of discrete-time phase-locked loops with delays. In modern communication systems, it is common for control loops to be significantly delayed in their feedback. This is due to the fact that chip designers must "pipeline" the loops to allow them to run at high rates. The delays decrease the stability regions of the loop, and make it difficult to determine parameters that will obtain a desired response. My research addresses this issue for Type-II discrete-time PLLs, the most common form of PLLs in communication systems. Much of this research was done while I was an employee of L-3 Communications in Salt Lake City.

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Tools I Use

  • Ubuntu - My favorite operating system
  • Python, SciPy, Matplotlib - I use these tools instead of Matlab
  • Inkscape - Vector based drawing
  • Bazaar - Version control system
  • OpenOffice - Open source office software for documents, spreadsheets, etc.
  • Google Apps - Gmail, Google Calendar, and other features with your own domain. Free and professional versions.
  • VLC Media Player - Video player that can handle tons of codecs for Linux, Win, and Mac.
  • Android - Open source operating system for mobile phones.

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Hobbies and Interests

I enjoy doing a lot of things besides engineering, especially spending time with my wife and two sons. Physical activities keep my stress levels down and help me enjoy working. I work better/smarter when I am able to rest my mind by doing things that I love with people I love.

boulderingBouldering is a form of rock climbing that does not involve a rope. Instead, a pad is placed at the bottom of a boulder and other people "spot" the person climbing. People generally climb on boulders that are around 10 ft tall, but some are higher and some are lower. Boulder routes, called "problems", are technically very difficult and take numerous tries to actually complete (which is why I like it so much). Nothing is better than finishing a boulder problem that you have been working on for months. The picture to the right is of me trying a problem.

I also really enjoy Ultimate Frisbee. Ultimate is a sport that uses flying discs (Frisbees) and is somewhat of a cross between American football and soccer. It started as a hippie sport, but has since evolved into a very athletic and structured sport with governing organizations. I am the creator of a web site for ultimate in Salt Lake City called UltimateSLC, and play for the University of Utah men's team.

Last, but not least, is the Guitar. I started playing guitar when I was 12 years old, and I continue to try to improve. I taught private lessons for 3 years before I became a full-time engineer, and have played in 2 bands: Mindspin and Glikk.