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Conference papers accepted and published by members of the SPAN lab.

SPAWC Plenary Talk Slides Posted

SPAWC Slides

Neal Patwari presented the plenary talk, "One decade of sensorless sensing: Wireless networks as human context sensors", at the IEEE Signal Processing and Wireless Communications (SPAWC) conference in Stockholm, Sweden. Slides from his talk are now posted.

SPAN Research Featured at IEEE RFID 2014

DFL Demo at IEEE RFID 2014 Neal Patwari was the keynote speaker at the 2014 IEEE RFID Conference in Orlando, Florida, on April 10, 2014. He presented a talk, "Tracking Without Tags: Environmental Awareness Using RF Tomography", including a demonstration of the types of changes in signal strength experienced on a static link when a person walks through the link. The talk slides are now available.

Brad Mager presents at PIMRC 2013 on Fall Detection

PIMRC 2013 logo

Brad Mager presents his paper, "Fall Detection Using RF Sensor Networks", at the 24th Annual IEEE Symposium on Personal, Indoor, and Mobile Communications Conference (PIMRC '13) in London, on Tuesday September 3. His paper is the first presented paper in the "Event Sensing and Localization" Session at 11am - 12:40pm. His paper is co-authored by Neal Patwari and Maurizio Bocca.

Merrick McCracken presents at SECON 2013

Award Merrick McCracken presents his paper, Joint ultra-wideband and signal strength-based through-building tracking for tactical operations, at the 2013 IEEE Intl. Conf. on Sensing, Communications, and Networking, on Wednesday, June 26, in New Orleans. His paper, co-authored by Maurizio Bocca and Neal Patwari, explores combining ultra-wideband impulse radar with radio tomography in order to achieve accurate localization without having sensors on all sides of an area to be covered. The idea is particularly motivated by emergency response applications.

Ossi Kaltiokallio wins best paper award at SenseApp 2012!

SenseApp logo

Ossi Kaltiokallio, Ph.D. student at Aalto University in Finland, and Maurizio Bocca and Neal Patwari, of the SPAN lab at the University of Utah, were awarded the "Best Paper Award" at the IEEE SenseApp workshop for their paper, "Follow @grandma: Long-Term Device-Free Localization for Residential Monitoring". Ossi Kaltiokallio presented the work today, 22 October 2012, in Clearwater, Florida. The work for the paper was conducted while Ossi was a visiting student in the SPAN lab. The best paper award was judged on quality of both the written paper and the oral presentation. IEEE SenseApp, an annual conference in its seventh year, is the short name of the IEEE International Workshop on Practical Issues in Building Sensor Network Applications. Only 20% of submissions were accepted as regular papers, and three were finalists for the best paper award.

Dr. Maurizio Bocca presenting at IEEE MASS 2012

MASS logo

Dr. Maurizio Bocca presented a talk Tuesday, October 9, at IEEE MASS 2012 in Las Vegas, on the paper:

For location and time, see the MASS 2012 program. A video from Dr. Bocca's presentation, posted on Youtube, shows the dramatic improvements possible when using multi-channel RSS measurements for the purpose of radio tomographic imaging.

Paper and demo presentation at SECON

SPAN researcher Yang Zhao will present his research in "Noise Reduction for Variance-Based Device-Free Localization and Tracking" on Wednesday June 29 at IEEE SECON 2011, which is here in Salt Lake City the week of June 27-30. The talk on his paper is during the 10:30-noon "Detection and Tracking" session. He will also present a live demonstration of his SubVRT algorithm at the SECON demo session, which is being held Tuesday from 5-6:30pm. See the SECON program for more details.

Start planning your paper submission for SECON 2011

SECON 2011 Banner Image
Start planning your submission to SECON 2011, which will be held in Salt Lake City, 27-30 June 2011. The CFP is up and the paper submission deadline is 17 December 2010.

Keynote slides posted

Title Slide Image Keynote lecture slides presented by Prof. Neal Patwari at the Fifth IEEE International Workshop on Practical Issues in Building Sensor Network Applications (SenseApp 2010) are now posted. The talk, "Building RF Sensor Networks", discussed the use of RF measurements in wireless networks for purposes of localization and security. The talk emphasized new results in received signal strength-based device-free localization.

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