First Ever Tomographic Motion Detection System Launched by Xandem

The first ever radio tomographic motion detection product was recently launched by Xandem Technology. The roots of the new product come from the SPAN lab's research on radio tomographic imaging and device-free localization. From the press release:

“Xandem’s tomographic motion detection (TMD) techology is a new way to detect movement within a defined area. The system can be completely hidden by embedding the devices in walls or behind objects, and is much more robust to false alarms than infrared sensors.” claims Xandem founder Joey Wilson. “We are currently selling our systems to integrators and product developers in industries that see a need for unbeatable motion detection with many new features.”

Xandem motion detector
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Xandem was founded by Joey Wilson, an alum of the SPAN lab, and Neal Patwari is Xandem's director of research.